A brand new cyber world, full of endless possibilities.

ECC is an open-source, innovative multi-chain platform. Our network operates with a financial core which allows it to function not only as a currency-transferring platform, but will also serve as a solid infrastructure for future commercial technologies. All of our multi-chain services are implemented with extra focus on user-friendliness, as well as offering unlimited commercial potential; all the while, maintaining a safe and decentralized platform.

Our developers are currently engineering the multi-chain core with our flagship services such as: file transfer and storage; decentralized messaging and currency transfer; right on top of the blockchain.

Our services implement ANS (Address Name Service); which means that users can send and receive coins and data simply by using nicknames rather than the long, cumbersome wallet addresses we are used to seeing.

For ECC, this is only the beginning. When development of the multi-chain foundation is completed with our easily-navigable interface and open-source platform, future developers can create new services right on top of our network! Exciting, isn’t it? We think so too.

At ECC, we strive to develop ground-breaking innovations; all with absolute privacy and security through our blockchain services.

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Our goal is to relocate network services from the internet and move them over to the blockchain. How is this possible? With ECC’s multi-chain, what is possible on the internet will be possible on the blockchain; but in a more secure environment.


Store your files on the blockchain for as long as necessary with the peace of mind in knowing your files are 100% protected from prying eyes or theft. You can earn extra coins by becoming a host for our file storage services.


Exchange messages with anyone on the network with the assurance that they will be encrypted and completely private.


With name resolution, you will never have to utilize the long randomly-generated addresses again. Just nicknames, like you are used to.

Our roadmap has been designed in order to facilitate a solid foundation for future technologies. We began with the creation of the multi-layered blockchain. This gives our project the desired scalability in order to accommodate limitless innovations into the future. Communication services like person-to-person messaging and email help to familiarize the user with just some of the things ECC has to offer. Coupled with our communication services, the file storage feature makes anything possible. We have put in place the cornerstone for expansion and scalability; this means other developers can create new technologies based on market need and demand, utilizing them right on the blockchain.
  1. Core upgrade DONE

    Recruiting community team members - Actively growing

    Create active marketing outlets (Twitter, Slack)

  2. Multi-chain code base IMPLEMENTED

    The multi-chain is the basis for future scalability of ECC. It enables ECC to implement new services on top of our currency chain. All future services can have commercial value due to this de-centralised platform.

  3. Network manager IMPLEMENTED

    Chain manager IMPLEMENTED

  4. Re-branding SUCCESSFUL

    New website & wallet RELEASED

    Improve sync & loading times for wallets

  5. Release Sapphire wallet

    Our next generation wallet, and a platform for our future network services.
    Sapphire serves as your home base for all things ECC.

  6. Release Address Name Service (ANS)

    Acquire new exchanges - Actively pursuing

  7. Release Messaging Service

    Adds the ability to send & receive messages on a blockchain within Sapphire

  8. Actively pursue partnerships (Ongoing quarterly process)

    Actively build out social media presence (networking on all platforms)

  9. Release SPV wallet

    A light wallet without the necessity to keep a local synced copy of the entire blockchain

  10. Increase our marketing outreach program (Credible sources: magazines, media, etc)

    Actively work to increase transfer speeds and efficiency

  11. Release Sapphire PRO wallet (Beta mobile version)

  12. Release File Storage Service

    A network service that allows you to store your files in a secure & decentralized manner, all on the blockchain!

  13. Reach out to potential partners that would benefit from our products

  14. To be determined

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