ECC - The Community Coin
One of the most important factors when considering investing in any cryptocurrency is the ability to find out what’s going on with the development of the technology behind it.

Anyone who is experienced will know that there are all kinds of coins, from friendly, bootstrap startups with small, tight-knit teams, to large, faceless, corporate coins with development teams playing their cards extremely close to their chest.

ECC has been focused, from day one, on being a community driven coin. A quick look on the slack channel will show you how open and involved each member of the ECC community is.
What Does it Mean to Be Community Driven?
Community driven simply means that the community is actively involved in helping out with the coin and voicing their opinions on what should and could happen next.

Here are some of the ways community members help out:

Sharing Ideas - Everyone is free to share ideas in the ECC community, from functions the coin could possibly have in the future, to the best way to get listed on new exchanges and ideas on how to market the project.

Sharing Time & Skills - When we say ECC is driven by community members, we mean that literally. This is a project in which ECC holders themselves actively chip in and contribute to the development of the project. We have computer programmers, writers, marketers, business people with connections all over the world, translators, and a whole group with various skill levels constantly pitching in and helping make this project a success. The result is an open, transparent team of highly motivated volunteers dedicated to making ECC a success.

This also increases our chances of success...after all, the efforts of hundreds of people with a stake in the outcome is always greater than the efforts of a few.

Sharing Questions & Concerns - Have you ever been involved in a project were it was almost impossible to get a straight answer as to what was going on? The ECC community is not like that at all. We are open, transparent, and happy to answer any questions, at any time, from either long-term holders or those just new to the community.
Why is a Community Driven Project a Good Thing?
There are a few reasons we think ECC being steered by the community is a positive thing:

First, ECC community members have skin in the game. As holders who have invested in the project, we want to see it succeed.

Second, it makes things much more open and transparent, which suits those who like to know what’s going on and don’t like the secretive nature of many projects. This helps create confidence.

Third, it’s just plain nice to be part of a community that’s so helpful, honest, and which shares a common vision.

That’s what being a community driven coin is all about. It’s about us working together to make project ECC a success. Welcome to ECC, and we hope to see you pitching in and getting involved soon!
Team members
Greg Griffith
Project Lead and Lead Developer
Wim Sijberts
Head of Marketing
Vitaliy K
Exchange Liaison
Dan Molitor
Bruno Alano
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