Decentralizing the digital world.

Take power over your data. ECC is breaking new ground in the fight for privacy, security & autonomy.

Anonymous encrypted chat

Cross-chain swaps

Micro-service ecosystem

Value through utility


Built on Satoshi's vision.

ECC believes in a future where decentralization not only ensures financial autonomy, but is the catalyst for users to regain control of their digital footprint and safeguard their privacy. To this end, ECC has developed a novel data protocol which overlays its existing node network. This flexible protocol is the foundation for micro-services that act very much like current internet services, but with privacy guaranteed and users, not corporations, as the stewards and guardians of the network.

The first micro-service is encrypted chat, emulating today’s familiar messaging apps but with increased security and zero centralization. The initial chat platform will also support a cross-chain swapping service. This allows users to swap a wide range of coins directly in a p2p manner, no KYC, no 3rd party intermediary, and no prying eyes.

This project is not attempting to decentralize single utilities or apps, the vision is larger and the tech more transformative. ECC aims give users sovereignty over their data while ushering in a new paradigm in how we communicate, share and interact with each other.

Users in control,
not corporations.

The utility of the internet is undeniable, but its centralization in the hands of a few bad actors is unacceptable. ECC will allow the services we use every day, to exist on a network that fundamentally can not be controlled by the few. Each full-node is part of a mesh network that dynamically finds the most efficient route between users while healing and reshaping as nodes go on and off-line.

Security through decentralization.

The ECC data layer is fully decentralized and end-to-end encrypted. All routing and pathfinding is done based on anonymous “crypto keys” instead of traceable IP addresses. User identities are safeguarded and the data they share never goes through a central server. The protection of privacy is a core tenet of the ECC project.


Value through utility.

ECC's native coin powers the network.

The ECC coin is used to pay for services on the network. As it is incorporated into more services, the demand for the coin will increase. The growth of the network grows the value of ECC.

  • Proof of Stake
  • 25 BILLION supply
  • 2.5m minute block time
ECC Block Explorer

Choose your wallet.


Lynx is a GUI built on top of the ECC CLI Daemon. If you want to run a ECC full node and would like a user-friendly interface, this is the choice for you! Initial sync time is roughly 6-8 hours.



The Electrum-ECC wallet is a “light wallet”. It connects to ECC full nodes on the internet and uses the Simple Payment Verification Protocol (SPV), well known from Bitcoin, to safely send and verify transactions. No need to download the whole blockchain so no sync time. With electrum you are immediately ready to make ECC transactions!



If you are a command line junkie or you want to run a "headless" ECC full node (e.g. for staking or providing Electrum-ECC nodes), this is the way to go!


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