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What is ECC?

ECC is an open-source project focused on providing more freedom on internet through the use of blockchain technology


Instant payments

No more waiting for banks to process a transfer. Send coins in just seconds anytime, anywhere.

Data privacy

You control your data. All of the keys to your data are on your computer and not in a centralized database controlled by someone else.

Decentralized services

The network is composed of globally distributed nodes with no central authority controlling the network, ensuring there is no single point of failure. Based on this we are implementing services like messaging, file storage and name resolutions.

Market details



Market cap





25 Billion


Earn Coins With No Hardware Requirements

Creation date: 2014
Algorithm used: PROOF OF STAKE
Block time: 2.5 Minutes

There will never be more than 25 Billion ECC Coins made. By buying coins and putting them in your wallet, you are able to enable staking, which makes your wallet node part of the block verifiers. You will then get rewarded for this work with ECC.

Since we’ve already reached 25 billion coins (the total supply), what happens is whenever a transfer occurs in the network, it’s transaction fees are destroyed (substracted from the total supply) which allows a staking node to re-create this exact amount of virgin ECC and earn them as staking reward.

This procedure (destroying and creating) is a privacy feature, as it make coins untracable over time.


Decentralized routing algorithm with AODV (similar to TOR)
General data packets on top of routes
UTXO and Data commitments on chain
More efficient network messages
Scalability and privacy enhancements

Download the wallet