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Coin Overview



Instant payments

No more waiting for banks to process a transfer. We can do it in seconds anytime.

Data privacy

You control your data. Privacy has been a problem for years now and we aim to solve that problem.

Decentralized network

The network is composed of multiple nodes, ensuring there is no single point of failure.

Scalable network

By using multiple chains we created a solution that builds on top of the main chain and allows for the addition of multiple services.

Market details


Market cap



25 Billion

Creation date: 2014
Algorithm used: PROOF OF STAKE
Block time: 45 SECONDS

Earn Coins With No Hardware Requirements

There will never be more than 25 Billion ECC Coins Coins made. By buying coins and putting them in your wallet, you can open your wallet for staking which will reward you with free coins. Since we’ve already reached 25 billion coins, what happens now is whenever a transfer occurs in the network, it’s fees are destroyed, which means the total coin supply drops and someone ends up getting rewarded for staking.