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Download Electrum-ECC

If you only want to send and receive ECC this is the wallet you are looking for!

The Electrum-ECC wallet is a so-called light wallet. It connects to ECC full nodes in the internet and uses the Simple Payment Verification Protocol (SPV), well known from Bitcoin, to safely send and verify transactions.
Thus, you don't need to download the whole blockchain (~2 GB of disk space) and are immediatly ready to make ECC transactions!

Please report any issues with Electrum-ECC to the Electrum-ECC github issues area: https://github.com/project-ecc/electrum-ecc/issues

Download ECC CLI Daemon

If you are a command line junkie or you want to run a "headless" ECC full node (e.g. for staking or providing Electrum-ECC nodes), this is your way to go!

Please report any issues with Daemon to the eccoin github issues area: https://github.com/project-ecc/eccoin/issues

Download Lynx

Lynx is the ECC Wallet UI. It uses the ECC CLI Daemon (see above) and builds a user friendly interface on top of it.

If you want to run a ECC full node but want or need a userfriendly interface, this is what you want!

Lynx also is able to auto-update the daemon and itself.

Please report any issues with Lynx to the Lynx github issues area: https://github.com/project-ecc/Lynx/issues

Download Sapphire

The Sapphire Wallet UI is not yet stable! It is not recommended to use it, except if you want to be a beta tester!

Please report any issues with Sapphire to the Sapphire github issues area: https://github.com/project-ecc/Sapphire/issues